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Summer Zervos is asking for $2,914 in economic losses and unspecified emotional damages

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Republican women in the House are facing a crisis — their party is mostly men

Nex year, the House GOP will likely have the lowest number of women since 1994

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Our eighth installment of ‘Girlhood Around the World’


It was a rare reversal in policy for the governing body

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On World Toilet Day, here’s how poor sanitation disproportionately affects women

In 2015, 61 percent of the global population still lacked safely managed sanitation services

This new test measures how well documentaries portray women. ‘RBG’ fails.

A shocking number of recent women-focused documentaries give outsized credit to the men in their lives

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Last month, the police arrested more than 2,000 protesters at the Sabarimala temple

I want more women in leadership. But it’s time for Nancy Pelosi to step aside.

Democrats won on the promise of change, and that means supporting new leadership

Sheryl Sandberg told women they could change the world. But she has always operated within the system.

Her latest Facebook scandal reveals the emptiness at the heart of ‘Lean In’

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Plus, the administration’s new sexual assault guidelines for colleges

Zoos are often vilified, but they also act as important hubs of education and conservation

They don’t just inspire us to love animals; they help protect them

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The main thing Kathy Hoffman had going for her was her own tenacity


‘Cooking in Iran’ is the culmination of tens of thousands of miles travel through the country


‘We felt the pressure, but we also felt the opportunity’